Serving On Teams

Join the California Team

There are loads of ways that you can serve on a team with us.  Why not join us as we seek to serve God at church and in the community?

Sunday team

Sunday Teams

Sundays are our main meetings so they take a lot to put on. These are the heartbeat of our community. So why not put your God-given gift into practice? Our current teams are:

  • Tech Team - Do you know what an XLR is or know how to use a mixer?
  • Projection Team - Do you know how to use a computer and have a love for songs?
  • Worship Team - Can you play a musical instrument or hold a note?
  • Kids Team - Do you like sticking, glueing and telling stories?
  • Refreshments Team - Can you make a mean coffee and know your A-Z of teas?
  • Welcome Team - Are you good at conversation and remembering names?

Week team

In The Week Teams

We have a number of things going on in the week with more to come soon. This is where we impact our community. Are you not an upfront person but have skills that can help? Our current teams are:

  • Cleaning Team - Do those drink stains and dust annoy you?
  • Maintenance Team - Are you good with a hammer and know your 15mm pipe fittings?
  • Gardening Team - Can you name that flower or love to see manicured grass?
  • Stay & Play Team - Are you good at conversation and can calm a baby with just one look?
  • Finance Team - Are you whizz with numbers and not phased by grant applications?