Got any questions?  Check some of the most common ones below.  If we've missed any then email them in here.


YES we are a church. More to the point, a Christian church that is part of the worldwide denomination called Assemblies of God.
NO not at all. We offer everyone a warm welcome, whatever stage they are at in their thoughts about Christianity. In fact if you have questions about faith then our church is a fantastic place to start. We run a course called ALPHA at least once a year that is designed especially for those with loads of questions. Check our 'What's On' page to see where you'd like to start.
YES we are OPEN. During spells of cooler weather we close the doors to keep things cosy. Just try the door! If it's locked it's probably because we have nothing going on at that time so check our 'What's On' page first.
We do not have any designated car parking, yet. For some events we have temporary signage that lets you know where to park. Most of the time it's just on-street parking that is available. Please be courteous of our neighbours - they are a great bunch of people and we don't like upsetting them. On Sundays we have arranged extra parking on the verge between Den Caney Coaches and Swallow Drinks, and also on the small car park that is at the entrance to Hillcrest Girls' School.

Our Services

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We do not have a dress code. Most of our regulars dress casually but one of two like dressing smart. It's totally up to you!
It all depends what event you come to! Generally our events are held on the ground floor which you access from the front of the building, through the first set of wooden doors and then a pair of full glass doors.

Some events are held downstairs. These are accessed by going down the side of the building on your left when looking from the front. You go through the gate at the top, down the ramp and then turn right at the bottom through the big arched door. You then continue straight through the next door!

No matter which event you attend there will be a smile, a hello and a drink.
Please feel free to sit wherever you like. The person who says hello can help you if you want. If you have small children you might find it easier to sit by the kids' activity area at the far end of the building. Or perhaps you're nervious and would like to sit close to the door - it's totally up to you.
Don't worry, the person leading the event will make things clear. They will prompt you throughout. Feel free to watch others and see what they do.
At most of our worship events, including a Sunday morning, there will be singing. We use contemporary modern songs that you'll soon get the tune to and join in as it goes along. The words are projected on to a screen at the front a few lines at a time. No one will mind if you don't stand or don't sing.
We hope not. Our talks are based on the Bible. We try to keep them to 20-30 minutes, relevant and helpful for all of the life issues we face.
No. If would like to give something because you like what we do and want to support it, then please visit our giving page.
Everyone is welcome to take communion (bread and wine or juice) if you usually take it somewhere else. If you don't normally take it, then just let the person who serves it pass you by. If you want to know more about it then ask one of our team.
Rob Nock is our senior leader (sometimes called a pastor or vicar). But we have a number of other pastors and some other non-clergy people involved in our meetings too. Why not get to know some of them on our team page?